A few newspaper articles are examples to illustrate the impact the David Williams of 1700s familial descendants have had through 9 generations:

Newspaper article showing the David Williams family in Natchez MS were among the pioneer and wealthiest families since the 1700s.

Newspaper article showing A.P. Williams, (Archie P. Williams of Natchez MS) who was a mixed race free person of color during the time of slavery, used his wealth (over $200 million in today currency and was a millionaire in 1800s currency), family status and backing  as a platform to become a government and business executive. Archie Percy Williams was a great grandson of David Williams. 

Archie P. Williams beat out wealthy men of various ethnicity from wealth white business leaders in the era of slavery and Jim Crow ( i.e. 1885 newspaper recording election of A.P. Williams in Natchez MS vs wealthy welsh plantation/business owner Benton Fleming) to 20th century social organizational and other political positions.

Anton R. Williams is the great great great grandson of Archie P. Williams and presently owns the bulk of his assets

Below is a succession of the heirs from David Williams who are operating real estate that continue businesses he founded in the 1760s-1790s.

David Williams - April 1792

James C. Williams - Jan 1827

David P Williams - Nov 1865

Archie P. Williams - Nov 1873

Archie J. Williams - Feb 1945

Odell Williams - May 1976

Anton Robert Williams - May 2021

David Williams legal real estate transaction from 1790s

James C. Williams (son of David) real estate transaction from 1827

David P. Williams (son of James C.) real estate transaction from 1865

Archie P. Williams (son of David P.) real estate transactions from 1873

Archie J. Williams (grandson of Archie P.) real estate transaction from 1945

Odell Williams (son of Archie J.) real estate transaction from 1976

Anton R. Williams (great grandson of Archie J.) real estate transaction in 2021

Descent and estate ownership passed successively through 9 generations from David Williams in the 1700s to Anton Williams in the 2000s. Estate held within the secured and restricted trust