Overseeing the assets held within the Anton R. Williams Trust that originated in the family from the David Williams trust established in April 1792


Descent of 9 generations from David Williams in the 1700s to Anton R. Williams in the 21st century


Ownership of the Williams estate passed through 9 generations from David Williams in the 1700s to Anton R. Williams in the 21st century

  • Estate is held with a secured and restricted trust fund

Anton Robert Williams is the 9th generation business owner and heir from David Williams who migrated to the U.S. in the 1760s. David Williams became one of the wealthiest persons in the U.S. via owning over 11,000 acres of real estate, timberland, corn and cotton fields within several U.S. states worth a value in current dollars of over $500 million. He established residences in Natchez MS and Baton Rouge LA from which several branches of his descendants continue to part or full time residences.

As the David Williams of Natchez line continued to succeed through 9 generations additional properties were acquired up to over 1 million acres nationwide and new business operations were established.

Below is a list of the official legal records showing the passing of the down of a small portion of the total real estate through 9 generations. What demonstrates this is the name of the Williams descendants, the location of the heirloom properties and the names of the parcels in Natchez MS (other tracts in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio among other states):

  • David Williams, in the 1760s-1790s, owned 1,000 acre Gloucester and Longwood

  • James C. Williams, son of David in 1800s-1830s owned Gloucester and Longwood

  • David P. Williams, son of James C. in 1840s-1880s owned Longwood and 2,000 acre Overton

  • Archie P. Williams, son of David P. in 1860s-1920s owned Overton and 1,200 acre "Duck Pond" tract

  • Archie J. Williams, grandson of Archie P., 1930s-1950s owned "Duck Pond"

  • Odell Williams, son of Archie J,. 1960s-2000s owned "Duck Pond"

  • Anton Robert Williams, grandson of Odell, 2010s - present owner of "Duck Pond"

David Williams establish the original trust and ownership from 1760s-1790s

Gloucester and Longwood tracts are part of 11,000 acres of real estate he own.

James C. Williams ownership from the 1800s-1830s

Gloucester and Longwood as part of 1 million acres he inherited from his father David Williams. A portion inherited from his stepfather Winthrop Sargent Governor of Mississippi

David P. Williams ownership in 1840s-1880s

Longwood was part of the 300,000 acre share of David P. Williams passed on through his father James C. Williams.

David P. Williams in his 1840s-1880s ownership of the Williams estate established Overton tract as centerpiece of 300,000 acres

The 1,300 acre Overton tract was part of the trust and estates passed down

Archie P. Williams ownership from 1850s-1920s

Archie P. Williams was the son of David P. Williams and was born a free person of color during the time of slavery as his father, David P. emancipated his mother prior to his birth. David P. Williams and A.P. Williams half siblings ensured legal records of Archie's ownership of 90,000 acres in various U.S. states as wells as social and political platform

Archie P. Williams in his 1850s-1920s ownership of the Williams estate established Duck Pond tract as the centerpiece of the 90,000 acres he owned

Archie P. Williams would become a pioneer of the Oil and Gas industry in the area. In the 1920s he started oil and gas production on his "Duck Pond" tract

Archie J. Williams ownership from 1930s-1950s

Archie J. Williams inherited ownership and ran various businesses of his grandfather Archie P. Williams. "Duck Pond" was still the centerpiece tract of multi state properties of 50,000+ acres

Odell Williams ownership from 1960s-2000s

Odell Williams inherited the "Duck Pond" tract and other properties of his father, Archie J. Williams. He continued various real estate, timber and oil and gas operations

Anton Robert Williams ownership from 2010s to present

Anton R. Williams through inheritance/wealth transfers source from his grandfather Odell Williams is continuing business operations on over 100,000 acres in several states nationwide. Anton is also moving into a new industry, the renewable energy space for various business nationwide