Secondary resources which document the Williams nearly 300 years of business and civic history are outlined below with their links

Since the 1700s the Williams have been in regional media in the Natchez MS area, such as in newspaper articles, Williams have owned properties with national significance and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (i.e. Longwood and Gloucester in Natchez), most of the generations being part of the business and civic executives in the local regions to streets being named after several of them among other things

David Williams (1743-1792) was one of the wealthiest persons in the Natchez District (Florida to Mississippi) link here

David P. Williams (1822-1881), the grandson and heir of David Williams (through the the latter son, James C. Williams (1790-1830), continued the business operations in his era. (link) Although he was one of the largest slaveholders in America, (link) David P. Williams had emancipated at least one of his slaves, Ellen, who he inherited as part of a large slaveholding after his father James C. Williams passed away in 1830. ( David Williams was also involved in government, business and social civil operations. (link)

Archie P. Williams, (1843-1928) was a mixed race son born to David P. Williams (1822-1881) and his ex-slave freed woman Ellen Jones. (1816-1891) Archie was born a free person of color during the era of slavery, he was educated and given a large share of the Williams family estate. Archie P. Williams ruled over the family plantations and the real estate, timber, cotton and tobacco businesses, which now included ownership of over 300,000 acres in several states from Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi and others. In addition to being a plantation owner in the era of slavery and owner of several manufacturing corporations post slavery, Archie P. was also one of the top civic leaders in the Natchez MS region. (link) (link)

Odell Williams (1935-2003), the great grandson and heir of Archie P. Williams (through Odell father Archie J. Williams and grandfather Roscoe C. Williams), was a civic leader holding alderman/council member positions (link) in addition to carrying out his role in family business operations 

Anton R. Williams of Kalamazoo MI and Grand Rapids MI, is a grandson of Odell Williams. Anton is the majority owner of the family holdings still centered in the Natchez MS area but include operations in several states. As a grandson of Odell and one of his heir through his parent on the Williams side (link) Anton has been majority owner (90%) and operated the family estate since the 2020s. He uses the Anton R. Williams Holding Co which still includes several hundred thousand acres of real estate, oil and gas fields, timber and financial accounts for which Anton is the 100% owner and is held within trust fund (link) and the Anton R. Williams Foundation to continue the business and civic history and legacy of the Williams family for 9 straight generations since David Williams in the 1700s.